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Steel Tongue Drum Class in Singapore!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

Where to learn a Steel Tongue Drum? What is a Steel Tongue Drum?

What comes to mind when you think of ‘drums’? Probably something along the lines of rhythmic beats. You’re right, but that’s not quite all that percussion has to offer!

In this post, we introduce to you a meld of melody and beats - Steel Tongue Drum!

1.0 What is Steel Tongue Drum / Tank Drum

Curious about how the tongue drum obtained it’s name?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone! If you observe carefully, tongue-shaped segments carve out the different areas of the drum, hence giving it its name! Traditionally made from a hollowed log, the modern version is a UFO-shaped instrument. Play it using your hands or mallets, and soak in the ethereal sounds!

2.0 The Sound

Known for its pentatonic scale, every note on the tongue drum flows harmoniously with the next. This means that there is no bad note or off-putting sounds that you can produced, making it extremely beginner friendly even for those without musical background!

Still doubtful? Take a listen!

3.0 Its Uses

Calming and resonant, tongue drums have gained popularity quickly as a wellness instrument. Their gentle melodies have been perfectly befitting accompaniments to multiple meditation practices. As you play the drum, draw attention to your breath as well and see how it soothes your body!


Curious to try it out for yourself?

Join us in our upcoming Tongue Drum class hosted by Drum Feng!

Class Dates : Click signup link below for more information.

Venue : Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre ( Drum Feng Studio )

1 Straits Boulevard, #11-03A, Singapore 018906

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