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Drum Feng Concert Series Workshop: Govin Tan

Updated: Oct 15, 2022

Recently, Drum Feng had the pleasure of hosting musician Govin Tan at our Concert Series Workshop: Ethnic Percussion course. Packed with a chock-full of fun and excitement, Govin swept the participants away on an hour and a half journey of what multi-ethnic music is all about.

As the participants were rather green, Govin took time to patiently explain what they needed to expect and guided them in composing an original piece. Armed with the drums and a cymbal, Govin kickstarted the session with a quick lesson on identifying beats and how to play patterns. Time is often of the essence when musical greatness is trying to be created. In no time, the participants were tasked with the job of individually creating 8 bars of music before performing the bars for the entire group.

Sounds tough doesn’t it? Well, Govin joined in the fun and made music on his multi-ethnic music set. To boost the lively atmosphere of the room, Govin challenged himself by getting the groups to create 8 more bars of music to get him to sight-read. The participants were able to visualise the various permutations of patterns by using a grid form of counting. Think of Lego blocks but musical! Every Lego block has a different intensity and difficulty level. Under Govin’s mentorship, the participants chose the hardest Lego blocks and created 40 bars which Govin had to perform.

Drum Feng was pleased to host Govin and the rest of the participants. This concluded the penultimate end of our Concert Series Workshop. You may be wondering, “what will happen to all the music created during these workshops?”. Fret not, they do not simply enter the wasteland of musical dreams.

The rhythms will be sieved through and taken apart to find the best motifs which will be pieced together into an overall song. This special song will be played at Drum Feng’s upcoming October concert.

Hope to see you there!

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