Combination of drumming with fitness and endurance. Instead, work up a sweat on this fitness regime with Drum Feng that incorporates drumming with body workouts, choreography and movement. This is definitely one adrenaline-inducing, stress-relieving session that will be sure to take your heart rate up, improve upon your overall physical fitness & mental well-being! Suitable for ages 13 and above!


Stay active whilst nurturing a passion for the drum arts! Whether you are just a beginner with little to no experience or even an active practitioner, we welcome you to our passionate community of like-minded senior drummers! 

In our SILVERS Drumming Class we will touch on in-depth drum theory, drumming techniques and percussion pieces for performances – all at a controlled and comfortable pace. It's open to age 46 and above, however anyone is more than welcome to join in the class!


Learn to play beats and rhythms with familiar songs. Explore basic drum theory, dynamics, rhythm combinations and play together as a group.

Benefits of learning drums at a young age: 
- Develop Confidence & Social Abilities
- Enhance Motor Skills 
- Practise Teamwork
- Cultivate Self-Discipline
- Boost Self Expression & Creativity

Individual Drum Class

(Kids / Youth)

1)  Kids (5 - 12 years old)

2) Youth (13 - 16 years old)


Learn in-depth Chinese and Western percussion from theory to techniques to actual drumming on a variety of percussion instruments.

The lesson plan is based on a drumming syllabus for kids to receive grading certification or to pursue performance in the drum arts.

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