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Have you ever seen your toddler show early indications of rhythmic sense? If you noticed or would like to explore the possibility, then it may be time to act and provide your child this opportunity to further develop his/her cognitive and motor abilities from a young age.

Musical instrument teaching accelerates brain development in early childhood, especially in areas responsible for sound processing, language development, speech perception, and reading. As part of their offerings on holistic drum education in Singapore, Drum Feng is pleased to present, “Tiny Beats Mighty Sound – An Introduction to Percussion Music” for children age between 4-6 years old.

This program promotes group learning and social interaction among the kids in a supportive setting under the direction of Early Childhood Certified Instructors. The activities aim to increase a child's self-confidence through musical expression, as well as to engage, thrill, and deepen their awareness through percussion music. By the end of the lessons, kids will have learned about musical discipline and how to perform in a group setting while playing a variety of percussion instruments.

Suitable 5 - 6 years old.

Every Saturday
4pm - 5pm

Drum Feng Studio

1 Straits Boulevard,#11-03A, Singapore 018906

* Starting in January 2024 *


4pm - 5pm

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