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DRUM FENG's Philosophy : The 3 FENGs

Updated: May 5, 2019

Today, we will shed some light on DRUM FENG’s logo and what it embodies to us.


Pronounced as “Feng”, DRUM FENG’s logo represents the drumming philosophy of DRUM FENG and what we the members aim to deliver at each and every one of our performances. The logo is derived from combining 3 different Chinese characters all also pronounced as “Feng”.

So, what do the 3 FENGS represent?


The First "Feng" means Wind, which transits to Motion; the belief in precise movement and synchronization. Whilst drumming, the songs will always have different parts catered to different percussion instruments that are similar yet dissimilar to each other. In order to play as one, it calls for our members to synchronize with each other and enact out specific moves at various segments of the song. When done correctly, the members’ movements will be in-sync and coupled with the beat of drums, the audience will able to fully appreciate our act and enjoy the show better.


The Second "Feng" means Peak; The honing of one's technique fused with passion in order to deliver a masterful performance.

Drumming is an art form that demands constant practice. Only with practice can our performance be as close to perfect as possible. We believe that in order to deliver, we have to focus on ourselves and improve our techniques as much as possible in order to perform more genres of music and handle our parts with more ease in order to quickly learn new materials and perform them on a higher level.


The Third and Final "Feng" means Spirit; portraying an exhilarating and awe-inspiring display in order to astound and captivate our audience.

We fully believe in playing our drums with gusto! To display our passion and show our audience the synergy shared between the members during a performance. To put on a spirited display and connect with our audience, capturing their full attention and wowing them in the process. We do want everyone who watched us to be inspired about drumming and have the urge to pick up a pair of drum sticks and join in the fun!

At Drum Feng, we would like to reintroduce drumming as a healthy and enjoyable art-form for people of all ages, and the only way to go about is by following our philosophy and be the change-makers to the rest of the world! 😊

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