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DRUM FENG presents DRUM FENG : "Unleashed"!

Presenting to you DRUM FENG's first ticketed concert!

Be prepared for a passionate and rousing night of drum and music performance as we display our musicality and technique through well-known traditional Chinese percussion pieces like “Ox Vs Tiger” 《牛斗虎》and “A Well-Matched Fight” 《龙腾虎跃》.

Aside from classic Chinese pieces, we will also showcase popular cross-genre self-composed originals like, “Spirit of Drums: Emergence” 《擂鼓震灵之千手观音》 and “Transcendence” 《超鼓越代》.

In the midst of all the high-octane drumming, there will also be softer works; collaborations with guest musicians featuring tasteful combination-play of drums and various other Chinese instruments.

All-in-all, be prepared for a concert of surprises as Drum Feng will be ‘unleashing’ an onslaught of originals specially-written by Co-Founder and in-house composer/arranger Glen Ng together with members of Drum Feng. Be amongst the first to watch and hear it at the concert - You DO NOT want to miss this drumming and visual spectacle!


TIME : 5pm TICKETS : $28 (Standard) | $25 (Senior Citizen/Students/NSF)

Get your tickets now on sistic!!!

*Group/Corporate booking of min. 10 : $20

See you there!

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