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Bucket Fun Drumming at Gardens by the Bay!

Bucket Drumming at Gardens by the Bay with Drum Feng Singapore

Last Saturday's Bucket Fun Drumming at Gardens by the Bay was a sold out class!

Rhythm is at the core of all music!

No matter what the genre or instrument, rhythm is what gives the notes life and direction.

What is Bucket Drumming? (aka Street Drumming)

It is a style of music which involves drumming on plastic buckets and other objects to create rhythmic grooves. This class allows you to get creative, interactive and fun with rhythms. A uniquely distinct and full-blown street art that is now a genre in itself!

Benefits of Drumming

Health benefits of drumming Drumming is an ancient practice that communities have used for thousands of years as a creative outlet, social activity, and healing modality.

Drumming as a group can elevate your mood!

With the release of feel-good chemicals, increased energy, and physical and energetic balance, drumming leads to simply feeling really good and full of happiness.

Why Bucket Drumming?

Bucket drums are a great introduction to rhythm and percussion, and students as young as 6-years-old can start learning basic beats and rhythms. What more if you have no experience in music, you will be able to pick up some grooves after a lesson!

Bucket Drumming is a great activity for young and old. It is a fun way to express yourself, be creative with creating rhythms and works your hand/eye coordination.


Workshop for the Kids this December!

A Kids Fun Drumming Workshop for ages 7 to 12 years old!

A fun and interactive drumming class for kids which uses buckets and hand-held percussions. Learn rhythm playing and coordination in a drum circle.

Venue : Gardens by the Bay (Active Garden - Waterfront Plaza)

Date : 11 December 2021 (Saturday)

Price : $40 / $30 [FOG Member]

Timings :

Session 1 @ 9am - 10am

Session 2 @ 10:30am - 11:30am

* Ages 7 - 12 years

* Suitable for Beginners with no musical knowledge

Hurry register your slots now!


For more classes this December, click here or email us at

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