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A Look Into our Malay Percussion (Rebana) Workshop with Musician Riduan Zalani

On Sept 18, we had the pleasure of hosting Malay Percussion musician Riduan Zalani at our Concert Series Workshop: Malay Percussion. Riduan was very enthusiastic in sharing his knowledge of Malay percussion music and known rhythms that are used in some of their performances. The participants had a whale of a time enjoying the beats that Riduan exposed them to and making new sounds together.

According to the Grinnell College Musical Instrument Collection, the rebana is a single-head frame membranophone from the Indonesian Archipelago. Frame drums like the rebana are usually used as musician accompaniments at celebrations such as weddings and dances.

Our Concert Series Workshops aim to encourage as many individuals to immerse themselves in Singapore’s local arts and heritage scene. As such, our workshops are set at a beginner level so that all participants are on the same page when they are introduced to each workshop. Since Drum Feng began its journey as an independent non-profit arts group, it has always been important that we celebrate music of all genres and histories. We call for further diversity as musical appreciation is universal.

This workshop is part of our preparation for our concert in October. No prior musical experience is required and participants are not required to perform at our concert. The series consists of 5 workshops which are each 1.5 hours long.

We have 2 more in the coming week so hurry grab your tickets!

Ethnic Percussion by Govin Tan

Date: 2 Oct 2022

Time: 4pm - 5:30pm

Middle Eastern Percussion by Eugene Toh

Date: 8 Oct 222

Time: 12pm - 1:30pm

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