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The Team

Behind every Production, there is an army of individuals

working tirelessly to make this happen.

DF MAIN shot redone (4 of 5)_edited_edited.jpg

Creative Team


 Works on everything that an audience sees on a stage,

from what the actors say to what the set looks like. 


Oversee the entire production from hiring crew & cast to promoting and publicizing the event, ensuring that the play has a sufficient budget, which they make sure stays on track.

Drum Feng Team

The passion for Drumming brought the team together.

DF MAIN shot redone (1 of 5).jpg

(From left to right.)

Lim Wee Yang  |  Li WeiYi  |  Tay Chiao Rong  |  Qli Quek  |  Glen Ng

Tan Ying Xin  |  Noor Huzaifah  |  Ma Ruonan  |  Eugene Pang  |  Bryan Mok

(Not in photo)  Tan Meng Jie


Production Team

Visual Media

Thor Jia Qi, Lim Zi Hui

Stage Manager

Amirah, Ming


Djong Ting, Jayden Chua, Tan Jia Le, Alyssa Oh, 

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