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Ushering in Chinese New Year!

虎(Hu) do you want to be this year?

With each new beginning we enter a new stage of recalibration - questioning the person we want to be, and our goals. This is also true for us, at Drum Feng! Each year, we seek to be better, and 2022 is no different!

This year, we performed a new piece, composed by our co-founder, Glen Ng. ‘Light of Dawn: A New Era (鼓凤:新世代)’ features three girls leading the Drum-line! This unique element is intentional. Conventionally a male’s role, Drum Feng hopes to challenge the norms and experiment with the unexpected, reaching greater heights with our music.

( Photo Courtesy of River Hongbao )

( Photo Courtesy of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre )

We had the honour of performing at Gardens By The Bay for River Hongbao, and for Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre annual Spring Reception! A big thank you for having us, and for those that supported our performances.

For those that missed it, fret not! Click the link below to watch us in action. Enjoy!

虎(hu)at Ah!

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